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Secure Short URLs from Numbers in .NET


When developing a web application, perhaps a URL shortener, you often need to store resources in a database and expose them via a URI - usually via some kind of generated identifier used as a primary key by the database. [ read on → ]

Docker, gRPC, and REST APIs in .NET


In the world of service APIs, gRPC undeniably shines. This high-performance framework, created by Google, provides a remarkable toolkit for building interconnected systems. [ read on → ]

Advanced Custom Shortcuts on Windows


Shortcuts on Windows are annoying. Inside those little binary lnk files is a large number of properties which are essential to doing some pretty cool stuff. [ read on → ]

Routing by Subdomain in ASP.NET Core 2.2


A long time ago I wanted to do some routing through a project using a wildcard subdomain, something like a simulated multi-tenanted setup for a service. [ read on → ]