Positive Habits

I’m trying to write more often. In a quite a nebulous hand-wavey way, I want to improve my ability to put thoughts to paper, so I can communicate more effectively. To that end, I’ve begun writing in a private journal about every day, and committing to write one of these blog posts weekly.

This isn’t about writing a novel every other day - it’s more like jotting down a few lines in a journal throughout the day, and then sitting down to research and write-up a short post on a subject that interests me at the end of the week.

Practice makes perfect, so this habit creates the occasion to do just that. I’m hoping that this will help me to improve my writing skills over time, as well as help with memory by way of the journal.

The system I’m writing this on, Listed, has the concept of the 100 day writing challenge. That’s very good and all, but I’m not so sure I could do it each and every day - best to test the waters before giving it a go, lest I be disappointed.

Last modified on 2022-09-18