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Re-evaluating Personal File Storage


Resilio Sync is a great tool for syncing files across multiple devices without relying on a cloud service. [ read on → ]

Scaling Back Side Projects


Over the last year I have found myself to be busier than ever before with work, yet my desire to create side projects has not scaled back to balance this workload. [ read on → ]

A Return to the Office


Most of the nation has been working from home since about August of last year, which was when we had the last big lockdown - and subsequently gave up on the idea of doing those as a nation as it dragged-on. [ read on → ]

Positive Habits


I’m trying to write more often. In a quite a nebulous hand-wavey way, I want to improve my ability to put thoughts to paper, so I can communicate more effectively. [ read on → ]

After Hours On-Call Support


The company I work for is the antithesis of Google; where Google kills products almost religiously, my workplace has deprecated almost nothing in thirty years of existence, but still loves to ship new products and systems. [ read on → ]

New Year’s Resolutions


Its getting real close to that time of year again, where we all pretend to perform some serious introspection and decide that we have no real issues other than superficial. [ read on → ]

An Introduction Is In Order, This Is Me


A post rescued from an old blog of mine from the Wayback Machine. I was 14 when I wrote this, so it's a bit cringy. This was my first ever blog post as 'me'. [ read on → ]