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Productionising a Listed Blog


I recently decided to streamline my personal projects and combine my personal and professional blogs into one platform: Listed. [ read on → ]

Managing Kubernetes Workloads with Terraform


Terraform is an awesome way of managing infrastructure as code. It builds a graph of your definition, compares it to what exists already, and makes only the required changes. [ read on → ]

Enterprise Resource Planning, for the Home


I live in a flat which I share with some really good friends; meals are planned and shared to lighten the load and costs between us all, same with household supplies. [ read on → ]

Monitoring Your Self-Hosted Estate


If you build and develop a system with paying customers, you know that tracking and publishing service uptime is absolutely critical to build trust. [ read on → ]



After spending an entire year of promising myself I wouldn’t distro-hop into another Linux OS any more, I thought I would reward myself by installing another OS. [ read on → ]

Sharing WiFi over Ethernet in Ubuntu 18


I wanted to share my Ubuntu 18 desktop’s WiFi connection over Ethernet to my Raspberry Pi - however, some of the software you need to do this is no longer readily available, as it is superseded by the new settings app in Ubuntu 18. [ read on → ]