Scaling Back Side Projects

Over the last year I have found myself to be busier than ever before with work, yet my desire to create side projects has not scaled back to balance this workload.

I always have a bunch of ideas I want to try out as a project, but I always end up getting half way through and leave it to stagnate when work picks-up. Then I get annoyed that I haven't completed anything, and wonder why.

This ends here, its time for me to begin aggressively scaling back my side-projects. I am archiving all of my active projects, deleting plans for ones I have not started, and turning off auto-renew for the domain name collection I have built-up.

Going forwards, any project I want to begin must be limited in scope, must be completed within six months of starting, and must be limited to one active project at a time. I see this as a good way of preventing myself from embarking on 'professional' projects, which always end up as a massive time sink.

It is kind of a shame, but there just is not enough time in the day to plan and build projects with larger scopes than my actual work. Start small.

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